Logotherapy. This unknown.

When someone asks me what it is, the first thing they tell me is, “ah so you work with children and deal with language!”  Although it is considered the third school of psychotherapy in Vienna, after the one created by Freud and Adler, it still remains known to few. Yet for me it was a revolution. Logotherapy was created by Frankl, a physician, psychiatrist and above all an extraordinary man whose books should be the heritage of humanity.


Logotherapy is a therapy, yes, which, with its techniques and scientific basis, is based on a fundamental assumption: man needs meaning in his existence. And that, if you look hard enough, meaning can be found in all situations, even the most desperate (and Frankl lived through the worst situation imaginable).

This is the starting point of therapy, which is “existentialist” in nature, based on confronting the themes dear to existentialism, such as the relationship with death, responsibility, freedom and anxiety. It is a therapy that does not assign labels to people, but takes into account many aspects, including family heritage, historical and social context, personal character, and trauma experienced.

I have been interested in existential therapies for years because in my opinion, more than others, they get to the question of the issues, that is, how do I want to live? What is important to me? What is my role in the world? Because of this, and also because of my long experience with adolescents and young adults, I very much enjoy working with this audience, but also with adult people who are in crisis, couple crisis, professional crisis, or have sudden anxiety or panic attacks that they cannot decipher.

For all these reasons you can contact me, together I will accompany you in this exploration of your personal, unique human material.