Existential Counselor in Geneva

Who am I?

I am a conselor who is based on the existential approach, specifically Logotherapy with a practice in Mies and surrounding areas. I am always available to anyone who is experiencing an existential crisis or period of difficulty also with online counseling sessions, in French/English and Italian. I am also a teacher for adults and adolescents, a job for more than 25 years. 

Why did I also become a counselor?

When a person is involved in education and instruction, if he or she wants to do a good job sooner or later he or she must also deal with psychology. That’s why I started. Then I got mostly into the existential approach, probably because I have had a philosophical streak since I was a child.

What I offer

I offer accompaniment to existential issues that everyone, sooner or later, faces, such as the relationship with freedom, suffering, death, responsibility, trying to detect in each person their own values that help us live a more authentic life.

My trainings and associations

I studied Counseling at Webster in Geneva and am now specializing in Logotherapy, an existential approach founded by Viktor Frankl. The school is in Lausanne (esrate.org). I am a licensed counselor with the Swiss Association of Counselling (SGfB).

Existential therapy online

I conduct my activity as an existential counselor online in Switzerland on Thursday and Friday afternoons, from 3-7 pm.

Having an online interview is extremely convenient, but more importantly, it can be helpful in avoiding the initial awkwardness that physical presence sometimes generates.

If you would like to have my support at a time of difficulty, you can write to contatto@luciadelmoro-counselor.it or contact me directly at 0041 079 814 39 27


When I receive

I receive on Wednesday afternoons from 3 to 7 p.m. at my office in Mies. 

Existential counseling sessions typically last 50 minutes

The first 30-minute trial session will be for you to see if I can be of help, and it is always free.

I ask my clients for at least 24 hours’ notice to schedule a meeting at my office, or online.

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