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Why meet an existential counselor?

The existential therapist, particularly the logotherapist, is contacted when there is a need to talk to someone who unravels the complexity of human existence, for example when we feel a sense of emptiness, frustration at work or in a couple, when confronted with death, or in cases of anxiety attacks that we cannot figure out. The existentialist approach focuses heavily on existential questions that everyone asks at some point or another but often struggles to figure out how to find their answer.

A guide that walks you through the complexities of life

The existential approach starts from the premise that symptoms are alarm bells that want to push us to dig in, to understand who we are, what we want, what our values are, how to achieve them.

Techniques: Logotherapy employs various therapeutic techniques to help individuals discover and actualize their unique meaning in life. These techniques may include self-reflection journal, exploring one’s biography, setting meaningful goals, and specific test to confront existential concerns.